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Short Term Rental Clarifications

Discussions during “Privilege of the Floor” at the last Board of Trustees meeting indicated that there are misconceptions concerning the legality of short-term rentals in the Village.  Both an understanding of the Village’s current Zoning Ordinance and ongoing discussion of the proposed changes are necessary before the revisions are finalized.

First, short term rentals (those lasting less than 30 days) are currently NOT permitted under the Village’s Zoning Ordinance.   Although not permitted, there is a tradition of renting houses and apartments for short periods, such as during the local college graduation weekends. The proposed Zoning Law would make this practice legal, but restricts short-term rentals to 14 days in a calendar year.

Second, some residents have expressed concern that if they speak on the topic of short term rentals during “Privilege of the Floor” or at the public hearings scheduled in the Fall, they will be putting themselves in legal jeopardy.  We want to assure our residents that the presentation of their positions to the Board will not be used as a basis for enforcement against them. (Needless to say, if the Village receives complaints from neighbors about activities that are not permitted (such as short-term rentals), or otherwise becomes aware of Zoning Ordinance violations, the Village would be obliged to respond to reported or observed violations in the usual course of enforcement). Residents should also note that they are not required to provide their name or address when presenting their views to the Village, if they would prefer not to.