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Short-Term Rental Application Process

In February 2018, the Village Board of Trustees approved changes to the Village Local Law that allow short-term rentals for a period of fourteen (14) days if the owner is not present and twenty-eight (28) days if the owner is present.  The maximum number is twenty-eight (28) days in a calendar year, regardless of whether the residence owner is present in the residence during the rental.  Registration and permitting requirements for short-term rentals are outlined below.
Application Process
To register your short-term rental (even if just renting for Cornell graduation):

  1. Submit an application and appropriate fees to the Village Clerk’s Office here:
  2. Once the application has been processed, a permit will be issued and sent to you via email indicating that you have been approved.  This permit must be prominently displayed on all online and print advertisements at the top of the ad. 
  3. An annual registration renewal notification will be sent each year in early December. 
Visitor’s Log
A visitor's log needs to be maintained that states the dates of each rental, the number of visitors, the location within the residence (single room, single dwelling unit, or entire residence), and whether or not the owner was present in the residence during the time of the rental. A copy of the visitor's log must be provided to the Code Enforcement Officer within ten (10) business days following a written request, and a copy of the previous year's log must be submitted with any registration permit renewal application.